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RLRR was first started on our family farm that has been in the family for 4 generations. The Ranch consists of 2200 acres of dry land farming and scab land. Over the years friends came out to shoot long range. Out in the Palouse it is pretty easy to find a 1000 yards up to a  mile to bang some steel. Several years ago when some friends were out shooting they suggested we host a match. After months of preparation we put on our first match. It was a huge success, this was also when more and more people were wanting a place to practice their long range shooting skills. As time went by we listened to shooters needs and after persistence of the all the shooters that attended the matches over the years and asking if RLRR would ever go public with a range? Well WE HAVE!

​RLRR Shooting facility started from scratch, RLRR had a dream to build the ultimate shooters experience weather it be for hunting or precision rifle. The facility was built to provide all calibers of shooters an unmatched experience for all of your shooting needs. RLRR is only in the infant stage of being the premier shooting destination in the Northwest.

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NEW Steel Safari Course. Kinda like sporting clays but with guns.  This is limited access so  contact us for more info.  

Defiance Long Range:​ ​We have a 75ft X 14ft covered building with bench or prone shooting.  This area has steel starting at 250 yards out to 1395yds. There are 45 plus targets to shoot at consisting of IPSC's 45%, 66%, 100%, Poppers, circles, diamonds and animals​. RLRR provides plenty of barricade and un-natural terrain training for all types of shooting 

EAST AND CENTER PISTOL BAYS:  We have carved some dirt to provide 7 pistol bays and 5 of those are supported by Seekins Precision to provide you with an area for 3-gun type events and to further enhance your close distance weapon skills. The East 3 bays are all connected and have L shaped center berms, they progress from 25 yards to 50 yards. The 2 Center bays double as the 100 yard sight in area with 2 8X16 covered buildings. These are 2 very large bays to be used for all types of training.

WEST PISTOL BAYS:This is 2 bays connected right next to Long Range B, pistol bays  are 35 yards long by 15 yards wide and will allow shooting from close quarters and allowing transitioning to long range.